Name Léora - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:

Arabs, Greeks, Latins

Meaning of the name:

The name Léora derives from the Greek eleos which refers to "compassion". Latin lenire means "to appease a suffering" and the ellinar Arabic which means "God is my light".


Léora Barbara is one of the main actors in Stella, directed by Sylvie Verheyde.
Leora Dana was a talented American actress with more than 30 years of career under her belt.
Specializing in family medicine, Dr. Leora Fishman is known for the quality care she provides to her patients.
Saint Eleonore is the patron saint of the Leora. Married to Henry III at the age of 14, she led a popular movement against the tyrannical rule of her husband before joining the order of the Benedictine Sisters.

His character :

The beauty and charm of Léora are appreciated at first glance. Its undisputed fashion taste enhances its appearance. Léora surely corresponds to the kind of woman who haunts the dreams of teenagers. Aware of the fascination she arouses among men, this inveterate seductress loves to attract the gaze of her admirers.
Léora is undeniably an intelligent and clairvoyant woman. His determination to succeed in a professional career leaves his entourage perplexed. She will not hesitate to start at the bottom of the ladder if she is sure to evolve. Despite her apparent beauty, Léora will never use it to achieve her goals. For her, the victory is all the more delicious if we fought to get it.


Eleonore, Eleonora, Leonora, Alienor, and Leonore.

His party :

The Léora are honored on June 25th.

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