Name Elyse - Meaning and origin

Name Elyse - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

"Elyse" is the contraction of the name "Elizabeth" from "Elisheba" translated as "God is fullness", "God is my oath" or sometimes "the divine promise".
In the Judeo-Christian tradition, this female name of Hebrew origin is that of the mother of John the Baptist.


Élyse Marquis, radio host, TV and Quebec actress.
The actress Elyse Levesque seen notably in "Stargate Universe" and "The Originals" as well as the actress Elyse Knox (1917-2012).
Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs, Canadian gymnast.
Australian professional cricket player Elyse Jane Villani.

His character :

A true incarnation of femininity, Élyse is charming, sweet, pleasant and conciliatory. Because of her sensitive side, this emotional woman is slightly suggestible. She is also very receptive to the prevailing atmosphere in her environment. This aspect of his character allows him to develop an impressive artistic potential. If she decides to go that route, she will have phenomenal success. However, its permeability to positive or negative waves makes it subject to anxiety and fears without name. On the other hand, Élyse quickly loses all means to any difficulty. Whether in front of the unknown or the stress, this fragile woman starts to panic quickly, her brain refusing to provide even a sketch escape.

When the atmosphere suits her, she is able to give the best of herself and manages to surprise her detractors. Elyse is also attracted by the wonderful and the magical because of her great imagination. This somewhat whimsical character hates routine and tends to delve into his dreams to fool boredom. Throughout her childhood, the parents of little Elyse will have to help her to integrate by accepting before all the world in which she lives. At worst, trying to reconcile her with her environment after the first difficult moments of her life is recommended. Through this process, she will gradually learn to face reality without panicking and without resorting to a subterfuge made of dreams.


Elyse, Elizabeth, Lisbeth, Élisa, Élise, Élisande, Élisabelle, Élisette and Liz or Lizzy.

His party :

The Élyse are honored on November 17 and July 4.

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