Name Manuela - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:

Spanish, Italian, Latin

Meaning of the name:

Manuela is a feminine variant of Emmanuel, himself derived from the Hebrew term Immanouel translating as "God is with us".


Portuguese athlete Manuela Machado, Bulgarian tennis player Manuela Maleeva, Italian singer Manuela Lopez, Spanish TV host Manuela Velasco and French athlete Manuela Montebrun.

Sainte Emmanuelle was a fervent Christian whose generosity and empathy made her reputation. Founder of the congregation of the Servants of Mary, she helped the sick. She died on October 11, 1887.

His character :

Sure of her, Manuela imposes by his presence and easily manages to put forward his ideas. A true ray of sunshine, she shares her joie de vivre with those around her. She also sometimes likes to enjoy her solitude to rebuild and reflect.

Dynamic since her childhood, Manuela volunteers at school and extracurricular activities. Desperate and determined, she never abandons her plans. She is interested in any artistic form, curious and sensitive that she is. Manuela will find her way in the professions with responsibilities. It will also flourish in professions related to art such as music, painting or literature.


Emmanuelle, Mannuella, Manuele and Manual.

His party :

Manuela is celebrated on October 11th.

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