American names: Madison, Meryl, Harrison, Dakota, Colleen

American names: Madison, Meryl, Harrison, Dakota, Colleen

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New names flourish in the New World! The USA is a gold mine for the original names. Madison, Meryl, Harrison, Dakota, Colleen: discover the origin and meaning of these American names.


  • First name mixed.
  • Derived Anglo-Saxon Mathilde, the Germanic "son of the mighty warrior".
  • This name was widely used in the United States in honor of President James Madison, who served from 1809 to 1817. Today, the capital of Wisconsin, a river and a New York square bear his name. It is also the name of a dance created in the 1960s. First given mainly to little boys, the name Madison feminized then. Perhaps thanks to the movie Splash, released in 1984. Darryl Hannah plays the role of Madison, a mermaid found in Manhattan in human form.
  • For his feast, he is related to Mathilde. Saint Mathilde became Queen by marrying the King of Germany, Henry the Birder around 912. She founded many hospitals, churches and monasteries.
  • His party : March 14th.
  • Its derivatives: Maddie, Madd.

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