Souane Meaning and origin

Souane Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

French, Originals, Rare, Slavs

Meaning of the name:

Derived from the Anglo-Saxon name Swan ("swan"), Souane is a name still rare. For some, Swan comes from the word swan, which means swan in English, for others it is also the Slavic form of the name Solenne.


Souane is the first name chosen by the actress Alice Taglioni and the journalist Laurent Delahousse for their little girl born February 7, 2016.

His character :

Souane is distinguished by his great sense of communication. Protective and exclusive to her loved ones, she loves spending time with them. Smiling and sincere, Souane is the joy of living embodied and breathes a wind of good mood wherever she goes. From an early age, she loves to attract attention and has this natural charm and irresistible smile that make her a real seducer. Studious, curious and intelligent, Souane is interested in science, astronomy, medicine and everything related to research. She is also passionate about new technologies. Possessing a great confidence in herself, she loves to go forward and has all the assets to succeed in life.


Souhane, Souana, Souan, Swan

His party :

September 25 with Solenne. Saint Solenne was bishop of Chartres (died in 533)

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