Name Thibaud - Meaning of origin

Name Thibaud - Meaning of origin

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Derived from Théodebald, from the Germanic "theud" or "thiod", meaning the people, and "bald", audacious, bold. Thibaud was in use throughout the Middle Ages, before giving way to the Thibault form. Several counts of Champagne bore this name. Saint Thibaud de Montmorency was abbot of Vaux-de-Cernay (Yvelines) in 1235. Thanks to his prayers, Saint Louis, who feared a sterile marriage, would have had sons. Thibaud is also the boss of the charbonniers. His birthday: July 8th. Its derivatives: Tebald, Tebaldo, Theobald, Thibault, Thibaut, Thiebault, Tibaldi, Tibalt, Tybalt.

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