First Name - Meaning and Origin

First Name - Meaning and Origin

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Origin of first name:

Germanic, Scandinavian, Slavic

Meaning of the name:

Ingrid comes from both Germanic, Germanic terms ing resulting in "filiation", and Fridh meaning "beautiful", or "beloved". This name refers to the Scandinavian deity Ing, protector of female fertility.


The famous Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman has made the name internationally.

St. Ingrid was the granddaughter of King Knut of Sweden. It founded in the thirteenth century the first Swedish convent following a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

His character :

Very cheerful and lively, Ingrid is very pleasant company. Responsible, she has an innate sense of organization and duty. Her qualities can predestine her to a successful academic success. Perfectionist, she will not let go of the song until everything is nickel and perfectly ordered. Sociable and transmitting a positive contagious attitude, Ingrid is at ease in society. Intelligent and attentive, Ingrid will be able very early to give wise advice to her friends and will embody the ideal confidante in the friendly circle. Her emotional intelligence and her big heart will make her altruistic. She likes to feel useful and stay active.


Inguerid, Inger, Ingri, Ingerid and Ingrida are among the variants of the surname Ingrid.

His party :

The Ingrid are celebrated on September 2nd in honor of Saint Ingrid.

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