Name Whitney - Meaning and Origin

Name Whitney - Meaning and Origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Originally Anglo-Saxon, the name Whitney is derived from a toponym resulting in "white island".


American singer Whitney Houston, American comedian Whitney Cummings, American soccer player Whitney Engen and Canadian musician Whitney Rose.

His character :

Whitney has a strong character. Dynamic, she never stays in place and always tries to take care of herself. It is fully involved in each of its businesses and does not hesitate to seek the help of others. Persevering, she is not afraid of failures, on the contrary, they stimulate her. Whitney is naturally confident and easily persuaded to rally others to her cause. Generous and voluntary, she is also good advice. Sociable, she has no difficulty in making friends, even if she can be selective. Preferring to surround herself with people she appreciates, Whitney listens only to her heart. She relies on her instinct, but knows how to consider her intelligence. Since she was a child, she has shown a lively spirit and an important curiosity. Whitney seeks to satisfy her thirst for knowledge by reading or joining art activities.

Rather stubborn, Whitney requires a certain rigor in his education. She needs a frame to be able to channel her boundless energy and dynamism. His will may cause him some difficulties in certain situations. A little artist, she expresses her feelings through works. Art also allows him to find refuge and continue to dream about his life.


Witney and Withney.

His party :

No party for the Whitney.

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