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Sleep problems: solutions

Sleep problems: solutions

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A baby's sleep ... a whole story. He wakes up at night, cries, has trouble falling asleep, makes strange noises ... You wonder if it's normal and how to react. The answers of our specialists, Lyliane Nemet-Pier, psychologist, and Marie Thirion, pediatrician.

"I have the impression that my 2-month-old baby confuses day and night: he sleeps during the day and cries at night ..."

  • In reality, he does not confuse day and night: for him, this distinction does not even exist! In her first weeks of life, a baby continues the good habits acquired in utero, universe completely foreign to this alternation. He sleeps and wakes up according to his needs, obeying his internal biological clock, for the moment not at all "adjusted" to the social rhythm.
  • From 2 months, hormonal secretions at specific times (cortisol and serotonin among others) begin to send very clear signals of falling asleep or on the contrary awakening on the basis of an alternation night / day.
  • Moreover, by living in touch with you, by adopting the pace of family life, he also gradually realizes that during the day, the activities are not the same as during the night.
  • But for this distinction to take root in a solid way, it often takes at least four months. So, patience ...

Mom's advice

  • "To help Lola make a difference, I always let her sleep in natural daylight, without curtains." At night, I would nurse her in the dark, whispering to make sure she understood time to sleep! "(Claire, Lola's mom, 6 months)

"My 4-month-old baby has a lot of trouble while sleeping, sometimes with half-open eyes, grimaces, should I take him in my arms?"

  • Do not take it especially in your arms: you would only wake it up! Because despite appearances, your baby sleeps deeply. He is in the sleep phase of dreams, or paradoxical sleep: his breathing is irregular, the extremities of his limbs often waved with movement as if he was struggling, his face is animated by many mimicry. This is a phenomenon that is observed in the baby under 1 year, without really explaining it.
  • Older, like the adult, he will not manifest himself during his dream periods except by ocular movements under the eyelids.
  • In the meantime, rest assured, your baby is not in trouble. He only asks to continue his night quietly, without being interrupted!

Mom's advice

  • "Once or twice, I took my baby who was shaking in his sleep because I was afraid he was hurting, so I woke him up and had the hardest time getting him back to sleep. avoid! "(Catherine, mother of Louis, 9 months)

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