In utero cleanliness, how is it?

In utero cleanliness, how is it?

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Does your future baby pee in utero? How's it going ? And his cacas? Questions that you surely ask yourself.

In utero, yes, he pee

  • From the very first weeks of pregnancy, the fetus pee in the belly of his mom. Fortunately, by the way! His urine comes replace the amniotic fluid he swallows big goulées.
  • Thus, thanks to the good functioning of the kidneys, the amount of liquid is always maintained at a constant level: your future baby recycles what he consumes.
  • Is he aware of performing a regular emptying of his bladder? Of course, we do not know the answer. All we know for certain is that he perceives many other things: noise, light, pain, and so on. So why not his own urination?

... no poop!

  • On the stool side, the fetus will be able to restrain itself until birth. It is only after delivery that it emits the black stools (called meconium) that have accumulated in the intestine during the last stages of pregnancy.
  • And if he comes to "let go" before the hour, tinting his amniotic fluid of a dark color, it is the sign that he is suffering. The absence of stool in the amniotic bath is therefore a criterion that is particularly monitored by sonographers at the end of pregnancy.



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