Preparation for birth: a step not to neglect

Preparation for birth: a step not to neglect

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Informing about pregnancy, better preparing for childbirth, learning to control pain, preparation for birth is an important step in pregnancy that some future moms neglect ... wrongly!

Provided by midwives, pain-free delivery, or psychoprophylaxis, is the oldest and most common birth preparation. This is an opportunity to dedicate time to this baby to come, to interact with other women and to revise their knowledge. Goals to achieve in eight courses? To learn the stages of a childbirth, to be "tooled" to live it better, to become autonomous by seeking oneself favorable positions.

Preparation for birth, how is it going?

  • She proposes to approach the pregnancy in its entirety, from the desire of child to the post-maternity, without forgetting the childbirth of course.
  • It begins as early as the fourth month of pregnancy.
  • Then add a physical training: the midwife will teach you to breathe and relax. When the time comes, it will prevent you from panicking, which exacerbates the pain.
  • Each session lasts about two hours.

What's the point ?

The classic preparation at birth allows future mothers to know what is really going on in the maternity ward where they will give birth and better understand the small incidents of course. There is often a difficulty at a time. When future mothers have understood the vagaries of childbirth (the heart of the baby slowing down, the dilation that stops, the obligation to put a forceps ...), they do not fall from the clouds if this happens.

  • AThelp you to tame and control the timing of childbirth and pain. You will learn to exercise the muscles that will be used at the time of delivery, to manage your breathing, which will be useful during the work. Even if you have decided to give birth under epidural, these exercises will be useful.

  • ATinform you about thefood, hygiene and also on your anatomye, on the importance of the perineum for example. Useful information during your pregnancy but also after birth.

  • Contraception, breastfeeding, crying or baby's sleep, the period of the suites of diapers is rich in questions. Preparation is an opportunity to talk about your family and confidence (or not!) In your own skills.

  • ATprepare to become a mothere, understand and accept all the changes in your body and, of course, find answers to your questions and reassure you.
  • An implication for the future dad. The future dad has his place in preparation for birth, especially the one on childbirth. The father has all the roles to play during childbirth: coach when the breathing is a little crazy, masseur, fan-club that encourages breathing with the mother.

Who to turn to for birth?

  • As a priority, midwives and doctors. The preparation is reimbursed provided that it is provided by health professionals who are fully aware of the physiology of the pregnant woman.
  • Classical preparation is often offered in the chosen maternity ward, but you can go to a private practice and take group or individual classes.

Custom solutions

  • There are other methods of preparation at childbirth, to choose according to your nature and your personality: the preparation in swimming pool if you like the water, the sophrology for a physical and mental relaxation, the yoga, ideal to establish a harmony between your body and your mind.

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Good to know

Social Security reimburses eight childbirth preparation sessions, provided they are performed by a midwife. You can follow this preparation in your maternity ward or in the office of a liberal midwife.

Preparation for birth: our file

Video: preparation for birth and parenthood

Learning to stretch, to breathe, to choose the best position to give birth ... The preparation for birth and parenthood proposed by the motherhood of Diaconesses, in Paris, seems to make the happiness of all couples present. Diving in this very particular course.

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