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When will he have friends?

When will he have friends?

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It breaks your heart and worries you a bit! In the evening at the exit of the nursery or school, you find your little cap often alone, in his corner, the thumb to the mouth ... He has no friends?

The problem

  • At nursery or school, you never or very rarely see your child involved in a group. He is excluded or what?

Who disturbs it?

  • Your child. He looks very sad.
  • You. It's bothering you. You are afraid that he will make a bad start in life in society.

He is still too small?

A young child is able, especially at age 3, to have a favorite boyfriend and even a small band that he likes to meet at the nursery or at school. But this is not the case for all children, far from it.

  • Observe your child. He looks happy alone? He plays ? So do not worry, as soon as he is ready, he will go to others and become sociable.
  • You can help him turn to others. Invite his cousins, a small neighbor, but do not let them fend for themselves ... Create links by offering games, a round, etc. As a family, try to develop relationships with others. Do not deprive him of great moments of conviviality (meals, parties ...) on the pretext that he is small and does not have the same rhythm.
  • What to tell him. "You've already had dinner ... But come on, you'll have dessert with us."

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