Name Isao - Meaning of the Name

Name Isao - Meaning of the Name

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Origin of first name:

Japanese, Original, Rare

Meaning of the name:

In the Japanese language, the name Isao means "merit".


Isao Tomita, the composer of Japanese electronic music.

Isao Machii is an expert in Japanese martial arts.

Isao Takahata is a Japanese filmmaker known in the West for his film The Tomb of Fireflies.

His character :

Isao portrays a talented being who has more than one string to his bow. He is a great speaker who uses words with tact and finesse to rally people to his cause. Isao also stands out for its ability to bring a touch of originality and elegance to an ordinary object. Finally, Isao turns out to be a great sportsman who excels in almost all disciplines. Thanks to its potential, Isao is promised a bright future.

In friendship, Isao shows unconditional loyalty. Conciliatory and understanding, he is also generous.


There is no derivative of the name Isao.

His party :

No date is assigned to Isao in the calendar.

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