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Are you looking for easy and quick recipes to prepare? We understand you! Our cooking specialists have concocted express ideas to impress and delight your family in two steps and three movements. Promised!

Mustard chicken and bacon

Do you have chicken, bacon and canned peas? Here we go for an ultra-good express recipe!

See the recipe.

Chicken papillotes

10 minutes in the microwave ... and here are delicious papillotes to enjoy with family.

See the recipe.

Chicken patties

Chicken and spinach pancakes to feast the whole family in a jiffy.

See the recipe.

Honey chicken

A simple recipe based on chicken cutlets to impress your family in the blink of an eye.

See the recipe.

Greek puff pastries

A roll of puff pastry, ham, a little feta ... it does not take more to feast with family!

See the recipe.

Tagliatelle with lamb

Nothing simpler than this recipe that will treat your little family in a jiffy.

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Chicken with asparagus tips

Here's a great idea for mom in a hurry! A simple recipe for an express dinner.

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Fruit papillotes

Looking for a quick and good dessert recipe idea? Quick, fruit curls to delight the taste buds of your guests in a quick and easy way.

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Chop suey

An exotic recipe in one click! To impress your little family in two stages.

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