Recipes mom future: spinach a good shoot

Recipes mom future: spinach a good shoot

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Spinach is especially valuable during pregnancy, mainly because it contains fiber and especially vitamin B9 or folate. Another advantage, they are low caloric!

Why spinach during pregnancy?

  • Like all green leafy vegetables, spinach is rich in vitamin B9 or folate, which is valuable for preventing stunted growth or neurological abnormalities in your baby. It is important to consume pregnant, especially the first months.
  • Other vitamins found in spinach, among others: vitamin A, vitamin C (it helps fight against viral and bacterial infections, strengthens the immune system and facilitates the absorption of iron).
  • Side minerals, spinach contain calcium (good for the formation of the skeleton and teeth of your future baby), iron (but not as much as it is believed) to prevent anemia, magnesium, phosphorus ...
  • As for calories, this light vegetable has only about 22 calories per 100g.

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