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Red-Caboche, the child of leprechauns: episode 1

Red-Caboche, the child of leprechauns: episode 1

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Once upon a time, leprechauns found ... guess what? A baby ! Called Rouge-Caboche because he is all red, this child found will live a funny adventure in the middle of a strange family. Are you ready ?

  • It's dark on the moor. This is the time when the leprechauns are dancing. A cart passes, pulled by a mule. And the mule gallops, because the young lady who drives the cart is very scared.
  • She knows that one must not be alone, on the moor, at the time when the leprechauns dance.
  • The mule gallops, gallops and the carriole bounces on the pebbles. Suddenly, a basket falls from the cart. Something moves, in this basket. It's a baby.
  • The young lady lost her baby, and she did not notice it. But leprechauns, they have seen!
  • That night, on the moor, leprechauns found a lost baby. As he had on his skull a fine red hair down, the leprechauns called him Red-Caboche. And they kept it.
  • Arriving in front of her house, poor mother noticed that her baby was lost. She ran on the moor, searching and calling. She ran for days and nights. Nowhere did she find her baby. So the young lady locked herself in her house to cry.
  • The years have passed. Red Caboche grew up in the hidden caves where the leprechauns keep the treasures of the fairies. For him, leprechauns stole goats' milk and seabird eggs.
  • And as soon as he was able to walk, Rouge-Caboche ran on the moor, at night, with leprechauns. Now, he knows very well how to enter the houses, without noise, to make stuffings made by leprechauns: to pee in beer, to pour ink in the milk, to spread butter on the steps.
  • Red-Caboche has a lot of fun with leprechauns!

Red-Caboche will make a funny discovery ... The second episode!

A story written by Marie-Hélène Delval, illustrated by Benoît Debecker, published in the magazine Belles Histoires, Bayard jeunesse.