Name Jalila - Meaning and origin

Name Jalila - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

In the Arabic language, the name Jalila means "high rank" or "majestic".


Jalila Baccar is a playwright and actress of Tunisian origin.

His character :

Jalila is a girl with a particular personality. Open, sociable and cheerful, it is a real ray of sunshine that illuminates his family and his entourage. Friendly and communicative, she can be brazen, especially when she seeks freedom, adventure and change. However, Jalila is also a reserved, serious and hardworking person. It is attached to certain values ​​and principles, to the point of appearing rigid and conservative. Hyperemotive, she is constantly looking for stability to feel at ease in life. Jalila is also a very susceptible girl. When its hyperemotivity and susceptibility rub shoulders, sparks are to be feared! Jalila thus tends to go from mildness to aggression for no apparent reason. Also listening to her instincts, she often lets herself be dominated by anger regardless of the reactions or damage caused around her. Fortunately, his mood jumps are not very common. Most of the time, Jalila is bubbly and playful. Her chatty and playful side makes her a person you want to know and socialize with. Loving adventure and change, she enjoys freedom. She may be obstinate once she has an idea in her mind. It becomes difficult to change his mind.



His party :

There is no party in honor of people named Jalila.

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