Pregnant mood swings, what to do?

Pregnant mood swings, what to do?

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Annoyance, laughter, sudden urge to cry ..., the mood swings of pregnancy can be painful to live, but do not worry: they usually have nothing abnormal and tend to fade over the months .

In practice, mood swings are mostly present during the first trimester of pregnancy. In the meantime, you can use some tips to calm them down ...

What are mood swings and how can they be prevented?

  • Difficult to do prevention because mood swings are strongly influenced by the hormonal changes of the first trimester. Added to this is the stress generated by the questions, doubts and anxieties experienced by all pregnant women. Classic example: "Will baby be healthy (even when there is no reason for him to be sick)?" This is even more true during a first pregnancy that confronts the "fear of the unknown", especially with regard to childbirth.

How do these mood swings manifest themselves?

  • The mother-to-be cries more easily, loses more of her cool, becomes irritated for nothing, tends to dramatize the most mundane situations. Some women are worried about the impact of their emotions on the unborn baby, others fear an anomaly. This is understandable, especially for a first pregnancy. The prospect of childbirth can be a source of anxiety, especially as the entourage, family, friends often have the annoying habit of telling their own experience ... more or less successful depending on the case!

Stop guilt!

  • One of the first things to do is not to be too hard on yourself. Many pregnant women have a tendency to feel guilty about their mood swings, which only aggravates them ... But contrary to the image of Epinal conveyed by society, pregnancy does not mean "radiate of joy "permanently: your moments of sorrow, doubt, nervousness, even anger, are quite natural, even if you already love your future baby with all your heart!
  • Your best weapon to evacuate your emotions? The word: It is important to be able to talk about what you are experiencing with your spouse and your loved ones to appease you, without fear of being misjudged. You can also try to put your feelings and your questions on paper regularly in a kind of "pregnancy diary": this method often gives good results to put in order its ideas and to calm down.

Do an activity you like

  • A moment of depression? To chase away the roaring, there's nothing like doing something you really like like having a hot bath, getting a massage, taking a nice walk, or going to the movies with your best friend. In short, it is about "diversion" to accelerate the return of the good mood. This method is also worth it if you feel the mustard get into your nose too easily ...
  • It is also advisable to sleep well because fatigue increases the "depression".

What to do if mood swings do not pass?

  • In most cases, mood swings are not very serious and eventually fade away after the first trimester. But it also happens, more rarely, that they last throughout the pregnancy and become even more painful to live. In this case, it is recommended to talk to your doctor: a slight depression may be at the root of the problem. Psychotherapy sessions can help fight it.