First name - Meaning and origin

First name - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Greek, Original

Meaning of the name:

Helicia is derived from the name Helene which means "sun shine" in Greek.


Canadian actress Elicia MacKenzie.

St. Helena was a Byzantine empress. During her pilgrimage to protect the Holy Places and "mystical caves" important for Christians, she built basilicas in Palestine.

His character :

Helicia is a dreamer who seduces with her overflowing sensitivity. She is very sweet and, from her childhood, she enchants her entourage who considers her as the little doll of the family. Very imaginative, she can spend hours in her bubble to relax and is very interested in early artistic activities such as painting, sculpture, architecture or decoration.


Elicia, Helene, Aileen, Eileen, Alena, Elaine, Helia, Helicie, Elycia, Elyssia, Elisia, Elissia, Elisio, Elisio, Helicka, Helidea, Helidia, Helicio, Heliese, Yelena, Heliciane, Helena, Felicia, Felice, Ellina, Ellenita, Ellia, Ellyn, Hayley, Elyne, Ellie, Elne, Eleana, Leanne, Elena, Elana, Heliema, Heliece, Heliege.

His party :

The name Helicia is celebrated on the same date as Saint Helene, August 18th.

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