Car seats: our selection

Car seats: our selection

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Protect him by car? An absolute duty. Comfort and ease of use? Not insignificant criteria? So kill two birds with one stone. Hulls, car seats ... discover our 2015 selection.

Isofix, standard I-Size: our advice

Car Seats: our selection (9 photos)

Pipa de Nuna hull

For babies from birth to 13 kg
Nice design and ergonomics at the top for this seat-shell that is used in the car and also on the model of stroller Pepp brand. It is adjusted with one hand thanks to a central zipper.
Its price: around € 199 and € 139 for the Isofix base.
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Cloud Q shell from Cybex

From birth to 13 kg
Always so many beautiful colors for this hull high security which also offers a lying position outside the car. For premature infants and very small babies, it is adjustable in automatic height in the car.
Its price: around € 270 and € 139 for the Q-Fix base.
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Pro Evolution Kiddy Shell

From birth to 13 kg
No less than 14 colors for this shell very easy to use and efficient side safety and comfort. Thanks to the KLF technology, it can be used in relaxing reclining position for baby (out of the car). A reducer for premas and small babies under 50 cm.
Its price: about 219 € and 129 € the base Isofix.
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Advansafix Car Seat by Britax Römer

For children from 9 months to 12 years
A seat that will grow with your child and protect him effectively on the move. Its 5-point harness protects your little passenger up to 25 kg and then the belt up to 36 kg. It offers different inclinations for a comfortable sleeping position.
Its price: 355 € approximately.
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Primo Viaggio SL shell by Peg Perego

From birth to 13 kg
Its side protection system is adjusted in 5 positions to follow the growth of your baby. On the comfort side, it has a well padded cushion for baby. Thanks to its unique Ganciomatic system, it is fixed in one click on the stroller of the brand.
Its price: around € 189 and € 139 for the Isofix base.
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Car seat i-Size pack Pebble Plus Baby Comfort Maxi-Cosi

From birth to about 1 year
Compliant with the new i-Size regulations, it offers top safety with shock absorbing materials on the sides. Side comfort, it is sold with a reducer for newborn all cozy and installs easily.
About 400 € with the base.
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Recaro Young Sport Hero Car Seat

For children from 9 months to 12 years (9-36 kg).
This new version of the Young Sport model offers ease of handling and even more advanced safety and comfort systems in the neck, head and shoulders.
Its price: around € 229.
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Concord Air Safe Hull Seat

Easy to carry with its feather weight of only 2.9 kg, this shell also ensures safety and comfort with its honeycomb structure.
Its price: about € 219 and € 189 for the Isofix base.

Recaro Privia seat shell

For babies from birth to 13 kg
One of the lightest hulls in its class with only 3.7 kg. With its Isofix base, it has been awarded by the "Stiftung Warentest" for its excellent safety. We also like its very easy handling.
Its price: around € 179 and € 139 for the Isofix base.
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