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Show for children, make the right choice!

Show for children, make the right choice!

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Since his cousin went to the circus, he only has this word in his mouth: "the pestacle, the pestacle!" The advice of Christine Brunet, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, to have a good time.

Choose a show suitable for little ones

  • Mostly, it must not last too long, because your child will have trouble staying very attentive. The ideal? One hour max!
  • Puppets are a good thingt to find out if your toddler is able to sit for several minutes in front of a show without too much fidgeting. Moreover, done mostly outdoors, this type of attraction prevents him from being plunged into a dark room. Scary, for some!
  • Yes, you may well have warned, your child does not expect - at least the first time - the "dark" of the cinema. Similarly, he can be impressed by the three strokes of sticks struck on the floor, in the theater, as well as the music that resonates, in a concert hall. But do not worry, you'll come back to it later.

The circus, with caution

  • At the circus, know that he might not appreciate the atmosphere: the show under the marquee lasts a long time, there is a lot of noise and clowns not always very funny for toddlers.
  • Do not rush on any circus, choose the shortest and best suited to the youngest. Otherwise, at best he will fall asleep ... at worst, he will disturb others and you have to leave the room after facing the big eyes of your neighbors!

The show ... must be exceptional

  • For his birthday, for example, invite him with his best friend or cousin to the circus, theater, cinema ... Tell him in advance, he will prepare enthusiastically and will remember it for a long time. You too !

Safia Amor

He's afraid of the clown? Our advices.