Name Jean-Emmanuel - Meaning and origin

Name Jean-Emmanuel - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

French, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

Jean-Emmanuel is a name derived from Jean and Emmanuel. They come from the Hebrew "Yohanan" and "immanuel" meaning respectively "God is merciful" as well as "God is with us".


Jean-Emmanuel Jacquet is a journalist who received the Jacques Roche Award in 2013. Jean-Emmanuel Pondi is a political scientist and sociologist, and a writer. Jean-Emmanuel Ducoin is a French journalist who also writes books. Jean-Emmanuel Gilibert is a French botanist. Jean-Emmanuel Godart is a director of documentaries and institutional films. Jean Emmanuel Conil is a screenwriter and writer.

His character :

Jean-Emmanuel is proud, dynamic and attracts attention. He is courageous and full of generosity. He does not hesitate to support good causes or fight injustices by rallying to the various protest movements. He does not choose the ease and likes to meet the heavy challenges. He wants to prove that he can achieve his goals despite the obstacles encountered.


David-Emmanuel, Emanuel, Guy-Emmanuel, Gion, Ivan, Giovanni.

His party :

We celebrate Jean-Emmanuel on December 25th.

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