Toxoplasmosis: what to do with my cat?

Toxoplasmosis: what to do with my cat?

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Rightly, toxoplasmosis is feared by future mothers. Since the cat is a potential vector of this infection, many pregnant women or those planning to have a child wonder what to do with their pet ...

Reminders about toxoplasmosis

  • Toxoplasmosis is a disease caused by the ingestion of a parasite, the toxoplasma gondii, naturally present in the earth and raw meat. If you love tartar for example, there is a good chance that you have already been in contact with the parasite without even knowing it and that you are immune ...
  • Be that as it may, a systematic blood test in early pregnancy determines whether you are immunized or not. If you already are, you have nothing to fear! Otherwise, we will have to take precautions, especially with your cat ...
  • Although it is dangerous in animals and healthy people, toxoplasmosis can cause fetal malformations (more serious in early pregnancy than in the third trimester).

Toxoplasmosis: are all cats potential vectors?

  • If your cat never makes a trip outside and does not consume raw meat, the risks of being infected are almost nil ... On the other hand, a cat that likes to roam and feed on raw meat to eat. opportunity (when it captures a mouse for example) is much more likely to carry the parasite.

How to coexist with my cat without contracting toxoplasmosis?

  • The real danger comes from the saddles of your little companion, where the eggs of the parasite are. The best solution is to avoid touching your litter during your entire pregnancy: delegate cleaning to a loved one. If this is not possible, you can protect yourself by wearing gloves when cleaning your bedding. Ideally, it must be changed every day. Also be sure not to give any piece of raw meat to your cat.
  • Aside from these precautions there is not much to do ... You can even pet your cat as usual, but it is still recommended to wash your hands after cuddling. Be aware, however, that the risk of contracting toxoplasmosis by inadvertently bringing a hand to your mouth after stroking is very low: parasites are unlikely to be found on your cat's hair as long as the litter is cleaned regularly. A scratch can not transmit the disease, unless you have the strange idea of ​​bringing the wound to your mouth ...
  • If you are still not reassured, of course remains the option of entrusting your cat to a loved one during your pregnancy but normally it is not necessary.

Other precautions against toxoplasmosis

  • To prevent toxoplasmosis, you must also eat your meat well cooked (forget the tartar and other preparations with raw meat during your pregnancy). It is also imperative to wash and peel very carefully the fruits and vegetables (do not forget that the parasite can be in the ground). Finally, always wash your hands before and after each meal.
  • Other tips here.

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