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Find the right rhythm during the holidays

Find the right rhythm during the holidays

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With the late eve of Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, the sleep of children is put to the test. How to find a balance after these disturbances? Our advice to spend good nights during the holidays.

Plan a quiet time with your child before the festivities

  • Do you get a lot of people for Christmas Eve? Plan to spend some time with your child in the afternoon. Why not make a cake or a walk? He will have had his account of affection and will not claim you more than usual during the night.

Be flexible on bedtime schedules on New Year's Eve

  • Christmas Eve is a moment of celebration for the whole family and gives rise to a prolonged vigil. Around the age of 4-5, a child can stay awake for a long time and go to bed just when he feels the urge. For a younger person, be alert to the signs of fatigue that he will not fail to show: he yawns, rubs his eyes, is irritable. The moment has come to offer him sleep.

Do not force your child to sleep alone if you sleep far from home

  • A child needs to feel safe when falling asleep, not to be afraid, especially if he does not sleep in his usual setting. To make it secure, you can, for example, sleep in the same room as a big brother, a cousin or a cousin.

Do not focus on the nap after the holidays

  • Your child may fall asleep after lunch while he usually does not take a nap anymore. If it does not, it will recover later the next night. Do not panic !

Do not worry about nightmares or nocturnal awakenings on holiday nights

  • Santa Claus toys... The hustle and bustle of holidays can provoke, especially in sensitive children, a recrudescence of sleep disorders. If the nightmare happens that night, reassure him if he wakes up by talking to him softly so that he goes back to sleep.

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Help him fall asleep alone, our advice.