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A walk in the forest, the beautiful idea!

A walk in the forest, the beautiful idea!

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For a child, the first contact with the forest is always full of emotions. And for good reason, the walk through the trees appeal to all its senses ...

The smell

  • Have fun making your child feel the trees of the forest. Take one or two leaves, roll them in your hands and teach him to distinguish the smell of fir from that of oak. Look for a stump and feel it together. Do not you recognize this mixture of mushrooms, moss and hazelnut?


  • Observe, search and understand the forest environment obviously goes through the eyes. What are these animal tracks? Is it the owl's house? What happens to tree trunks felled by loggers? At this time of year, the forest is also a delight for the view: admire together the colors of the leaves, the sunlight between the branches ...


  • Teach your child to listen to noises : the cries of the birds, the crackling of the branches at the passage of the small animals - a squirrel, perhaps? - the rustle of the leaves under your feet, etc. Do not forget to point out moments of silence!


  • We can distinguish the barks caressing them. Your child will be surprised to learn that the circles on the stump match the age of the tree. So many "wrinkles", so many years. Since you are there, have fun scratching this strain: dozens of insects, more amazing than the others, appear! Have your child catch the moss around some tree branches - it's soft -, handle the pine bark - it stings - the acorns - it's round - and so on.

Safia Amor

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Pack a notebook, glue and colored pencils. So you can stick, draw ... everything you admired together during this great lesson of things.

Gardening too, he loves it! Our advices.