Quick, a party decoration easy to make!

Quick, a party decoration easy to make!

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Make yourself small decorative items, the dream for your children! Angels candlesticks, nursery characters and other Christmas balls ... put your heart to work and amaze your little elves!

Quick, a party decoration easy to make! (5 photos)

Angels candlesticks

Material: 2 squares of plywood 10 cm wide and 1 cm thick, wood glue, emery cloth, saw, modeling clay, white paint and brightly colored paint.
Production : draw the body and arms of the angel on the plywood and cut them out. Smooth the corners with the emery cloth. Stick the arms to the body.
To form the base of the candlestick, use modeling clay. Sculpt a star for example. Let dry and glue the base on the hands of the angel. All you have to do is paint your figure.

The salt dough crib

Material: 4 cups flour, 4 cups salt, 2 tbsp. tapestry glue, 2 cups of water, cookie cutters, paint, brush, wire.
Production : prepare the salt dough by mixing all the ingredients. Let stand about 30 minutes then spread to the dough on a thickness of half a centimeter.
Cut the silhouettes. Using a needle, punch a hole in each figurine to be able to hang a string to hang them later.
Leave for one day and then bake at 75 ° for 2 hours. Let cool and paint. All you have to do is tie the characters together to make a pretty garland!

Christmas balls

Material: polystyrene balls, paint, glue, gold paint, parchment paper.
Production : cut a piece of parchment paper about 5 cm by 5 cm, coat it with glue and cover a ball. Let it dry. Repeat with the number of balls needed. Then paint your balls the desired color. Then add, with the golden paint, small decorations (stars or small circles).

The hanging puppets

Material: cardboard, scissors, colored felts, glue, string, logs.
Production : draw on a cardboard your character: Santa Claus or one of his reindeer. Cut it out. Draw aside the legs for reindeer, arms for Santa. Cut them out. It will now be necessary to attach the members to their respective characters. To do this, drill two holes at the joints, and attach the limbs to the body using a string. Hide the knot with a wooden ball.

The nursery characters

Material: rolls of toilet paper, straw, adhesive, newspaper, glue, white paint and colored paint.
Production : tear the newspaper in large pieces of 3 cm x 3 cm. Use the empty roll of toilet paper as a base for the characters' bodies. Stick it, with the adhesive, the arms and the legs that you will have formed with the straw, and the head that you will have formed with the newspaper.
Now, layer after layer, glue strips of newspaper over the silhouettes until you get the desired characters. Details like the ears, tails and horns of animals will also be made from newspaper and glued to the body.
Let it dry. Coat with white paint. Let it dry. Add the colors. It's ready !