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Bike: the wearing of the helmet mandatory!

Bike: the wearing of the helmet mandatory!

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Since March 22, 2017, the bike helmet is mandatory for children under 12, drivers or passengers. A good way to protect head trauma in the event of a fall.

Why put on a bike helmet?

  • In the event of a fall, the helmet protects against traumatic brain injury and brain damage by reducing shock: it absorbs the force of the impact by spreading it over its entire surface.

How to choose?

  • The helmet must bear the CE mark + standard NF EN 1078 and have a strap under the chin
  • Buy it with your child, because the more he likes it, the more he will wear it. He must try it and you will check that it is adapted to his size: he must not move once put (to know, he must attach the helmet and shake his head). Some models are sold with a foam kit to gradually adapt the helmet to the head.

And wear it well?

  • To be effective, the helmet must be attached and worn right on the head, and not leaning forwards or backwards. To protect the forehead, the edge of the helmet, it must be two fingers above the eyelids. It must be attached, tight straps (the V-straps just under the ears) and the space of a finger between chin and chin.

A fine in case of non-wearing a helmet

  • The fine in case of non-compliance with this obligation will be 90 euros for the adult carrying or accompanying a child on a bicycle.

And in case of an accident?

  • Even minimal and even if the helmet looks intact, it is better to change it because the protective material inside is no longer effective.

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