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Volt, star despite himself

Volt, star despite himself

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The keen eye, the erect ear, here is finally on the screens this little white dog ... we all expected, especially our children! It's Volt in a film full of adventures and tenderness.

The story

  • Volt, adorable doggie, is the star of a hit TV series. The problem is that, still living on the Hollywood plateaus, he believes hard he has superpowers! That's the real life! One day, he finds himself alone in New York and is confronted to the real world ... Poor Volt! The love of Penny, his partner on the screen, he was also only bluffing? Volt wanders, doubts ... Fortunately, he finds two traveling companions: Mitt, an abandoned cat, a jaded hair, and Rhino, a TV fan hamster (and therefore Volt, his hero!), Who circulates rolling in a funny plastic ball ...

Attention, the beginning can be scary ...

  • Special effects, chases, whirring, this film starts very strong ... The first twenty minutes can impress the youngest children.
  • Preturn them : "You know, Volt continues the bad guys, it's scary, noise, dust, but it's cinema!"

Good dialogues and humor ...

  • Volt's journey then continues on a milder pace giving pride to the emotions and especially the dialogues between Volt (too cute when he looks like a beaten dog!) and his friend Mitaine. Humor is at the rendezvous!

Practical information

From 4 years old. 1:37. By Chris Williams and Byron Howard, Walt Disney. With the voices of Richard Anconina (Volt), Gilles Lelouche (Rhino), Marie Vincent (Mitt), Camille Donda (Penny)

Agnes Barboux