Joeva pronunciation - Meaning of origin

Joeva pronunciation - Meaning of origin

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Meaning of the name:

Joeva is a name for girl of Celtic and Breton origin that comes from "Jaoua".
Joeva is also the feminine version of Joevin, who himself comes from the Latin "Jovis", genitive of Jupiter or Juppiter. The latter, derived from Roman mythology, is the god who reigns over the sky and the Earth, all living beings, as well as other deities.


No famous Joeva ... your future wonder perhaps?

Joeva has for patron saint Jaoua, nephew of the saint and bishop of Leo, Pol-Aurelian. He continued his studies at the monastery of Landévennec before leaving on mission in the regions of Faou and Brasparts to carry the gospel. On the death of his uncle, he succeeded him as bishop of Leon. He died godfully on March 2, 554.

His character :

At the limit hyperactive, nothing prevents the determination of Joeva. They are born to be go-getters. Full of confidence and confident, all means are good to achieve their goals. Demanding and perfectionist, they do not make quarters to others and are also uncompromising to themselves. Brilliant and intelligent, they demand that everything be done according to their desires.


Jaouenn, Jova or Jaoven. Jaouenn, Jaoua, Jaoven, Jova and Joeva

His party :

Joeva are celebrated on March 2nd.

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