Name Hermand - Meaning and origin

Name Hermand - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Ancient, French, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

Rather retro, Hermand is a masculine given name closely related to the first name "Armand". Both come from the Germanic terms "hart" and "mann", meaning "strong" and "man" respectively. Hermand can also mean "army" and "merry", according to the terms "hari" and "mand".


Although the Hermands are not really popular, different personalities carry the derivatives of this name. Molière's wife was named Armande Béjart. You can also count the contemporary writers Armand Abecassis, Armand Lanoux and Armand Salacrou.

His character :

"Joyful army" or "strong man", the Hermands inherit a tenacity and a strength of character foolproof. Never giving up, these men do not give up on the way and always finish what they undertake. Having a great sense of self-discipline, the Hermands can get down to long-term work and long-term businesses. Masters of themselves and very concentrated, these men are active, reliable and responsible.


Hermann, Herman, Erman, Ermanno, Ermano, Herrmann and Hermant.

His party :

Hermand is celebrated on September 25th or December 23rd with Saint Armand. Many saints have brought this name into the story. We can notably mention Saint Armand de Pontbriand guillotined death in 1792 and Saint Armand Bishop of Brixen in the 12th century.

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